Stories of Strength

Building Positive Mental Health with Jessie Godderz

Episode Summary

Jay Cardiello is joined by Mr. Pec-Tacular himself, Jessie Godderz, to touch on mental health awareness and discuss his journey as an athlete.

Episode Notes

This week on Stories Of Strength, our host Jay Cardiello is joined by a truly inspirational person, one of the youngest 2-sport professional athletes in history with bodybuilding and wrestling. It’s Mr. Pec-Tacular himself, Jessie Godderz! Jessie is on the show to share the story of his journey and discuss mental health awareness as an athlete. Hear about how he got his start and what inspired him to become a two sport professional athlete. Not to mention, you’ll get to learn first hand how mental strength and mental health play a role in competing as a professional, and how those things are starting to be addressed more and more today in the athletic community. So press play and make sure you are ready to be inspired and enthralled with this episode of Stories of Strength, presented by MuscleTech.


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