Stories of Strength

Enduring Difficult Times with US Army Ranger Jeff Struecker

Episode Summary

Jay Cardiello sits down with Jeff Struecker to discuss living life with faith and courage by pulling from his decades of experience as an Army Ranger.

Episode Notes

Jeff Struecker is an author, pastor, and United States Army Ranger Hall of Famer whose involvement in ‘The Battle of Mogadishu’ in 1993 was portrayed in the movie Black Hawk Down. Today, Jeff joins host Jay Cardiello on Stories of Strength to discuss his definition of strength, what it is like to come to terms with dying, and much more. The pair speak about Jeff overcoming a crippling fear he had, and Jeff tells the story of how he ended up enlisting for the hardest job in the Army. Jeff talks about the Battle of Mogadishu and his mindset during that night, as well as some of the other battles he fought in and how they tested his resilience. Listen as Jeff recounts the moment he realized his career was becoming greater than his faith, and how he was inspired to use his experiences to serve others through the church once he retired from the Army. Jeff discusses the military lessons that make great civilian leaders and how listeners can find strength during difficult times. Plus, Jeff talks about the process of writing his award-winning books and starting his podcast, Unbeatable. Hit play and get ready to be inspired by this incredible episode of Stories of Strength, presented by MuscleTech.

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