Stories of Strength

Redefining Strength Through Technology with EB Samuel

Episode Summary

Jay Cardiello speaks with EB Samuel, Fitness Director for Men’s Health Magazine, about how he is using his training and writing to redefine strength.

Episode Notes

On today’s episode, our host Jay Cardiello speaks with EB Samuel, Fitness Director for Men’s Health Magazine and Head of Training Innovation for Flexit Fitness. EB has been a certified trainer for more than a decade and has seen the space change drastically. He’s trained with both NFL and track athletes, and prior to working with Men’s Health Magazine, he was a sports and technology columnist for the New York Daily News. Today he is here to tell us all about his journey both in life and fitness and how he is using his training, as well as writing, to redefine strength. You will get to take a look at some of the challenges EB has faced throughout his career and learn a bit about how he has found strength along the way. Together the duo discuss how EB’s interest in technology plays off his interest in sports and how he has discovered connections between the two. If you love video games like EB but also think about fitness, you will get some insight into the lifestyle adjustments a person can make to have the best of both worlds! They even touch on the idea of fitness in the metaverse! Learn about what the main differences between HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and other forms of metabolic conditioning like crossfit are and which one could be the best suited for you. Exercise and fitness are important components to living a happy and healthy life. This week Jay and EB touch on a wide variety of topics to help you believe in yourself and redefine strength! Hit that play button and join us for another episode of Stories Of Strength, brought to you by MuscleTech. 

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