Stories of Strength

Staying Calm and Motivated with Military Pilot Andrew Malcolm

Episode Summary

Military attack pilot, Andrew Malcolm discusses motivation, goals, and finding new forms of strength.

Episode Notes

Welcome back to Stories Of Strength, a podcast where we share personal and inspirational tales that redefine strength, presented by MuscleTech. In today’s episode, Jay Cardiello is joined by model, author, and military attack pilot, Andrew Malcolm. Listen as they discuss how his strength was tested when he was deployed to Afghanistan, why he decided to become a pilot, how he learned the complexity of flying a helicopter, the importance of staying calm, staying humble, and getting enough sleep! Andrew takes us through how he believes the dictionary definition of strength leaves a bit to be desired. He also talks about how he goes about setting goals for himself before he sets off on deployments and the benefits to getting one’s mind oriented on goals. Plus, hear how Andrew motivated himself to continue getting up early and hitting the gym even after coming off of a 12-hour shift. This is an episode you don’t want to miss! Hit play and get ready for some excitement with this episode of Stories Of Strength, brought to you by MuscleTech! 

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