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The Power Of Transformation with Ethan Suplee

Episode Summary

Actor Ethan Suplee tells Jay Cardiello about his battles with addiction and the power of transformation.

Episode Notes

Best known for his roles in the films American History X, Remember the Titans, John Q, The Wolf of Wall Street, Without a Paddle, and several of Kevin Smith's films, as well as television hits like Boy Meets World and My Name Is Earl. Actor Ethan Suplee was just 24 years old in 2001 when he found himself standing on a freight scale at a shipping center as part of a humiliating detour before checking into a treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction. Since then he’s become an icon of recovery and transformation and sits down with Jay Cardiello to talk all about his incredible journey, the importance of getting help, and what it means to be an inspiration to others.

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