Stories of Strength

Refusing to Submit with WWE’s Torrie Wilson

Episode Summary

WWE Hall-of-Famer Torrie Wilson talks about personal struggles, coming back from an injury, and advice for dealing with what life throws at you.

Episode Notes

Welcome back to Stories Of Strength, a podcast where we share personal and inspirational tales that redefine strength, presented by MuscleTech. On today’s episode, Jay Cardiello is joined by model, fitness competitor, blogger, and legend of the WCW and WWE, Torrie Wilson. On today’s show, she tells us what it was like working in such a high-energy industry and how she “learned the ropes” despite not watching much professional wrestling as a kid. She tells us the harrowing story of the injury that forced her into retirement and who she would hypothetically wrestle if she ever returned to the squared circle. Torrie gives advice for people struggling with anxiety and details the breathing exercises that helped her cope with the stress of the ring. Wrestling is by no means an easy career and Torrie walks us through how traveling made the work especially difficult. Plus, how she managed to overcome and deal with many of her personal struggles and her story of personal strength that led to her eventually being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. 


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